Nudge 101: Introduction to Behavioral Economics


In this course, you’ll learn how our everyday behaviors impact our long-term health and why we need to prioritize improving these behaviors. You’ll also learn about decision-making in the era of digital environment, the science behind decision errors, and the basics about heuristics and cognitive bias.


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The Virtual Nudge Unit (VNU) has partnered with multiple organizations to improve health and healthcare through the use of nudges and technology. Now, through Nudge University, you can learn from our experts first-hand on how to incorporate nudges and behavioral science into your business strategy to improve healthcare at your organization.  


Module 1: Welcome to Behavioral Economics

Welcome! In this module, you’ll receive an overview of the course, establish course goals, and learn more about the instructor’s background.

Module 2: How our behavior impacts our health

In many cases we overlook the importance of everyday behaviors such as diet, exercise, and medication adherence. In this module, you’ll learn how these decisions have long-term impact and why we need to prioritize these behaviors as they relate to our longer-term health.

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Module 3: The opportunity to improve decision-making

How clinicians make decisions has been shifting to digital environments in recent years. With this transition comes an opportunity to not only have better insight into decisions, but also the ability to intervene when someone is making a decision. In this module you’ll learn about different technology platforms and how these platforms can be combined with nudges to enhance medical decision making to ultimately improve health and health care.

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Module 4: Why we make decision errors

This module is designed to teach you more about why decision errors occur, including an explanation of the psychology behind this phenomenon. You’ll learn about a variety of cognitive biases, such as anchoring bias, information bias, and prospect theory, as well as examples of each.

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Module 5: Heuristics and cognitive bias

In this module you’ll learn how heuristics and cognitive biases help us understand why people deviate from rational behavior, and how to leverage this to impact our long-term goals.

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Module 6: Wrap up

In this summary module, we’ll provide a recap of what you learned from this course. By the end of this module, you’ll have a better understanding of how our everyday behaviors impact our long-term health; how to influence these behaviors; how to utilize technology to improve decision making; understand why we make decision errors; and how to better leverage heuristics and cognitive bias to impact long-term health.

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Nudge 101: Introduction to Behavioral Economics


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