around the world

Our team members have helped advise the formation of Nudge Units across the world including Europe, Asia and North America. Additionally, our prior work has been deployed to many non-English speaking communities.

Key learnings from our research and consulting projects

Universally applicable

Nudges are built atop proven behavioral science and economic techniques. Effects such as loss aversion, endowment, gamification and more have been shown to be applicable irrespective of the community. By incorporating local cultural elements and translation when needed, many behavioral insights can be applied to the international community.

In our prior roles at the Penn Medicine Nudge Unit, this team hosted a Symposium that brought together health systems and other organizations from countries such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Israel, and many European nations.
Developing a nudge unit varies based on a country’s culture and the institution’s goals. Our team has helped other groups recognize this important aspect and to apply processes to develop the appropriate foundation.
Crucial aspects to consider when starting up a Nudge Unit include engaging key stakeholders; identifying high impact, quick-win projects; and establishing a strategy to source project ideas.


We have worked with international as well as country specific teams to establish or translate existing programs to make them more relevant and effective. Some of these programs have been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and many more languages.


We partnered with the National University of Singapore to conduct a randomized trial testing different ways to design financial incentives to encourage physical activity among adults. While the core principles remained the same, local language and nuances had to be taken into account.
A program to automatically check-in with patients via text message to monitor symptoms at home while self-isolating because of COVID was translated into multiple languages and has been offered to health ministries in other countries.