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Pharmaceutical Cases

Improve Flu Vaccination Rates in Europe

Problem: Increasing flu vaccine uptake is a key element in safeguarding public health. Recognizing the importance of this as well as the challenges associated with increasing vaccination uptake, a pharma company reached out to us for guidance on improving marketing materials in several key markets across Europe. 

Approach: Our team performed workshops with the global marketing team to understand current promotional pathways, global limitations/considerations, and develop strategic and enhanced marketing plans.

Outcomes: We redesigned key marketing materials to incorporate behavioral science insights to ensure the most effective nudges were being used for each market’s unique initiatives. Relevance, timing of the messaging, and implementation intentions are some examples of behavioral elements that were embedded into the materials. 

Increase User Engagement with Website

Problem: Facing challenges in engaging users with their cancer website, a pharma company sought our expertise to enhance digital engagement with the website. 

Approach: Our team reviewed their website and user segments to understand challenges and opportunities to re-engage users. After a comprehensive review we provided recommendations focused on each step of the nudge intervention ladder.

Outcomes: We developed tailored recommendations to incorporate behavioral science principles in the website architecture and content to engage users longer and ensure they’ll re-engage with the site in an ongoing fashion.

Increase Medication Adherence for Chronic Diseases

Problem: After implementing a text messaging program through pharmacies to patients, a large global pharma company was still struggling to increase medication adherence rates. The company wanted to incorporate behavioral insights into the program to optimize it and reached out to us for guidance.  

Approach:  VNU performed focus groups with various teams to understand challenges and opportunities. A behavioral mapping process was completed and we designed a behaviorally informed text messaging journey, which included key insights such as calls-to-action and implementation intentions.

Outcomes:  The new text messaging program designed by us was implemented at scale. Compared to a control group, the VNU text messages led to a 60-300% relative increase medication refill rates.

Health Plan Cases

Increase Annual Health Assessments

Problem: A health plan wanted more patients to complete their annual health assessments. The existing digital messaging campaign lacked behavioral elements, so the health plan reached out for guidance on how to incorporate behavioral insights.

Approach: Our team met with the payor to learn more about their challenges, constraints and opportunities related to this digital messaging campaign.

Outcomes: We redesigned the messaging program to incorporate nudges, along with recommended message frequency and timing. These messages were directed towards patients who had not responded to previous messages. A short pilot indicated nudges increased annual health assessment completion rates by 17%.

Health System Cases

Increasing Annual Wellness Visits

Problem: Annual wellness visits are crucial for preventative health. Despite this, a health system was struggling to increase annual wellness visits within their patient population.

Approach: Our team conducted focus group interviews with health system leaders, front-line staff to understand challenges and opportunities in the workflow.

Outcomes: We designed a clinician nudge used peer comparison feedback and the patient nudge used psychological ownership principals. These nudges increased scheduled annual wellness visits by 82%.   

Address Overutilization of Emergency Care

Problem: A health system was seeking to avoid unnecessary ER visits by triaging patients to urgent care through a 24/7 hotline. Patient uptake of the hotline was low and the health system wanted to improve the campaign.

Approach: Our team led an interactive workshop on behavioral science principles and how to enhance messaging campaigns for the greatest impact.

Outcomes: We re-developed their existing patient messaging campaign to increase patient awareness. Lessons from this engagement were also applied to other areas of the health system. The new campaign led to a 150-200% relative increase in engagement with their hotline.