The Virtual Nudge Unit

We are a behavioral design team for biopharma, healthcare, insurance and tech organizations. Led by leading experts in the use of nudges to improve health and healthcare. 

We offer educational courses, technology solutions and consulting services to help you deliver on your goals.

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Catalyze better health through behavioral science

The challenge

Many organizations fail to make meaningful progress because they lack experts in behavioral science, a structured process to shift from identifying problems to implementing solutions quickly, and because they take a one-size-fits-all approach rather than targeting interventions to meet the needs of individuals.

The solution

The Virtual Nudge Unit fills that gap by providing a team with expertise in behavioral science and data analytics that has real-world experience working in biopharma, healthcare, insurance and technology organizations.

How to engage

We offer tailored solutions to meet your individual needs.

Nudge University

Learn from world-leading experts on behavioral science and nudging as applied to healthcare. 

Course offering include:

  • Nudge 101: Introduction to Behavioral Economics
  • Nudge 102: Nudges and Nudge Units
  • Nudge 103: How to Nudge
  • Nudge 104: Technology / legal considerations
  • And more
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Nudge Technology

Why start from scratch when you can leverage a library of pre-built programs that have been proven to work? These are programs with staggering results that have been published in leading academic journals. Examples include:

  • Increase flu vaccination rates
  • Increase annual wellness visits
  • Improve statin prescribing
  • Improve colonoscopy rates
  • And more
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Nudge Consulting

If your requirements / challenges are unique, we can help. Consulting offerings include:

  • Behavioral science workshop
  • Focused group meetings
  • Strategic roadmapping 
  • Sludge audit
  • Content and data evaluation
  • Nudge design
  • Implementation guidance
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Behavioral phenotyping for personalized nudges
  • Outcome assessment
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Let's work together

We'd love to hear from you! Please send us a message using the form so we can best serve you. 

Nudges in practice

Prior Work

Here are our core areas of expertise and focus.


Sustainable behavior change

This is a key element that is critical to the adoption of behavior change programs. We have worked with industry partners, and health systems to apply incentives, nudges, and gamification to change clinician and patient behaviors.

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Targeting interventions

Many opportunities exist to improve the delivery and implementation of behavioral change programs by targeting nudges to specific phenotypes. This allows for a more tailored intervention that yields better outcomes.

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Remote patient monitoring

Traditional validated endpoints are resource intensive. Remote monitoring and wearable devices are increasingly becoming core to not only clinical trials but also for ongoing patient care, especially in the COVID era.


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Improve patient engagement

Clinical and wellness programs can be improved by incorporating game design elements such as points and levels in order to better engage patients. Gamification can improve engagement in a variety of settings.

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Influence decision making

Clinical environments don’t typically include behavioral science in their design. Simple changes such as defaults and framing can be effective tools to improve patient care without increasing burden on clinicians.

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Nudging around the world

Our team members have helped advise the formation of Nudge Units across the world including Europe, Asia and North America. Our work has been deployed to non-English speaking communities.

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