Nudge 102: Nudges and Nudge Units


This course will explain what it means to implement a nudge and demonstrate its potential impact. You will gain an understanding of the role of nudge units and the nudge intervention ladder, a framework to guide which nudge to use and when.


Learn from the experts

The Virtual Nudge Unit (VNU) has partnered with multiple organizations to improve health and healthcare through the use of nudges and technology. Now, through Nudge University, you can learn from our experts first-hand on how to incorporate nudges and behavioral science into your business strategy to improve healthcare at your organization.  


Module 1: Welcome to Nudges and Nudge units

Welcome! This module provides an overview of the course and its goals.

Module 2: What is a nudge? 

What does it mean to ‘nudge’ and how can we do it well and responsibly? This module will provide a standard definition and provide guiding principles on how to nudge for good.

*Quiz: Test your knowledge.

Module 3: Nudges already exist everywhere

Nudges are ubiquitous. Many industries aside from healthcare use nudges to guide a customer’s decisions. But the stakes are often higher in health care and so we need to think carefully about how they are implemented in this setting.

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Module 4: The role of Nudge Units

Nudge Units are behavioral design teams embedded within organizations that take a systematic approach to design and implement nudges to change behavior. In this module you will learn how the concept of ‘nudge units’ began and their impact in health and health care.

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Module 5: Nudge intervention ladder

The Nudge intervention ladder is a framework to help guide when and how to use nudges to change behavior. In this module, you will gain an introduction to the framework as well as examples for each type of nudge.

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Module 6: Wrap up

In this summary module, you will receive a recap of what you learned from this course. By the end of this module, you’ll have a better understanding of what a nudge is, their abundance in the world already, the role of Nudge Units, and the nudge intervention ladder.

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Nudge 102: Nudges and Nudge Units


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