Nudge 103: How to Nudge


This course will provide an overview, examples, and implementation guidance for using different nudges including defaults, active choice, informational nudges, gamification and social incentives.


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The Virtual Nudge Unit (VNU) has partnered with multiple organizations to improve health and healthcare through the use of nudges and technology. Now, through Nudge University, you can learn from our experts first-hand on how to incorporate nudges and behavioral science into your business strategy to improve healthcare at your organization.  


Module 1: Welcome to How to Nudge

Welcome! This module provides an overview of the course and its goals.

Module 2: Designing nudge interventions 

In this module, you will gain insights into key methods for identifying the right opportunities for a nudge, how to best align stakeholders around your ideas, and learn about a process for setting up measurable outcomes to evaluate your nudge's success.

*Quiz: Test your knowledge.

Module 3: Default options 

Defaults are often thought of as one of the most effective ways to nudge behavior.  his module will help you understand when this type of nudge is best used and how to implement it. You will learn about key insights from implementing defaults in different areas of health and health care.

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Module 4: Active choice

This module will provide insights on when you should think about using active choice as a method to nudge decisions. It will also help you understand how to avoid going too far and causing alert fatigue.

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Module 5: Informational nudges

Informational nudges are often the easiest to implement, but when should you think about using this type of nudge instead of changing choice architecture? This module will provide an overview of informational nudges, when to use them and when not to use them, and why if used correctly they lead to scalable impact.

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Module 6: Social incentives and gamification

In this module, you will receive an introduction to social incentives and gamification. These types of programs exist widely in health insurance programs and mobile apps but could better leverage insights from behavioral economics. This module will provide an example of how this approach can be used to change daily health behaviors and sustain those changes over time.

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Module 7: Wrap up

In this summary module, you will receive a recap of what you learned from this course. 

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Nudge 103: How to Nudge


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