Nudge 104: Technology and Implementation Considerations 

This course will discuss key factors to consider when you are planning to implement a nudge project. Factors include determining the right metrics, selecting the best communication channels and various legal and compliance considerations to think about prior to and during implementation and deployment.


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The Virtual Nudge Unit (VNU) has partnered with multiple organizations to improve health and healthcare through the use of nudges and technology. Now, through Nudge University, you can learn from our experts first-hand on how to incorporate nudges and behavioral science into your business strategy to improve healthcare at your organization.  


Module 1: Welcome to Technology and Implementation Considerations

Welcome! This module will provide an overview of the course topics and an introduction to the instructor, Mohan Balachandran. 

Module 2: Program goals

The goal of nudge projects oftentimes is to make the right thing, the easy thing. In this module we’ll discuss key factors to consider when planning to implement a nudge. For example—who is the target population? What is the goal of this project? We’ll review several case studies and discuss why it’s important to consider these details prior to launching a project.

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Module 3: Implementation approaches

In this module we’ll consider different implementation approaches for nudge projects. You’ll learn why it’s important to start small, not make assumptions, and select the right metrics to ensure your program is achieving what it set out to do. We’ll also provide an overview of a framework (why, what and how) to plan your implementation.

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Module 4: Channel choices

There are many ways in which you can reach out to clinicians and patients. With all these possible options, it’s important to think through the pros and cons of each, and determine which will work best for your project. In this module we’ll provide an overview of commonly used channels, review different technology platforms, and discuss factors to consider when you’re thinking about scaling your program.

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Module 5: Technology options

Many technology options exist, from using the built-in capabilities of the EHR to SMS to emails and more. Each different technology platform has its own set of limitations as well as expense, both of which are key factors to consider when implementing a nudge project. In this module we’ll provide an overview of the different options and discuss various factors to consider when deciding which technology to use.

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Module 6: Legal and compliance considerations 

Many legal and compliance requirements exist when you are planning to implement a nudge project. This module will give you an overview of these important considerations, and review highlights of HIPAA and TCPA to consider when you’re in the planning stage.

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Module 7: Wrap up  

In this summary module, you will receive a recap of what you learned from this course. 

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Nudge 104: Technology and Implementation Considerations


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